Having established since March 31, 1938, TWVS has notably been one of the most well-known vocational high schools with academic tradition and outstanding performance in Taiwan. Located in the western part of Madou District, Tainan City, Taiwan, and close by the freeway, it is easy and quick to access to TWVS. With the two eco-ponds, coconut palms lining along the main entrance, and flowered porches on campus, TWVS has long been famous for its wonderful campus view. The view is so great that TWVS is complimentarily named Garden School.

In order to promote students’ self-awareness and growth, expand the international perspective and culture care, TWVS keeps a close contact and interaction with schools overseas. Every year, some students are selected to join in the education tour. In the diverse, heterogeneous cultures, with friends from different backgrounds but similar age, students interact and learn from each other. In addition, in the summer of 2011, there will be two students from Department of Early Childhood Care and Education to have the students exchange program with Georgsanstalt Vocational School in Germany. The students exchange program is carried out with the great motivation of the principal, Dr. Chang, to provide students every possible study opportunity and learning experience.

In addition to academic performance, TWVS also pays much attention to create an environment of arts and humanity. On campus, wood carving art works are perfectly integrated into students’ studying environment. Next to the classroom, students enjoy their leisure with those installation art works. Silently and peacefully set on the campus, the art works in the appearance of cattle and squirrel perfectly provide students with relaxing atmosphere.

There are 4 vocational departments, along with comprehensive high school programs and practical skills program in academic units. Also, TWVS provides those who need continuing high school education with courses in extension school. In 2011, TWVS has 33 classes (including 3 classes in extension school) and about 1,200 students.


Department of Food and Beverage Management

The main goals focus on multidimensional instruction and sustainable development. Curriculum is designed to help students develop independent thinking and collect data, as well as integrate, rearrange and manage various resources. We try to cultivate students’ ability to integrate all of the related aspects of the food and beverage industry, such as food and beverage purchasing, banquet management, etiquette and so forth.

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

The courses enable students to gain knowledge and skills in the field of childcare and early childhood education. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to facilitate discussions and learning within a classroom. They will, therefore, provide young children with the kinds of experiences that advance their development.

Department of Commercial Management

The goals focus on teaching students about the basic business knowledge and practical skills in the area of business administration, as well as developing the ability in business finance, accounting, operation, purchase, logistics, marketing, and administrative management.

Department of Data Processing

In addition to general business courses, the goal focuses more on basic knowledge and specialized techniques in the field of computer. The main courses include programming languages, computer networks, web design, word processing, operating systems and multimedia production. Both academic theory and hands-on implementation experience can promote students to the ability of office automation operation and the network utilization in order to fit for the up-to-date IT facilities and needs.

Department of Advertisement

Department of Electronic Commerce

Practical Skills Program

Practical Skills Program is student-centered learning process and school-based education. Students focus on diversity and adaptability to development and in line with the characteristics of students, school teachers, equipment, and community resources to build the core of practical skills learning. Skills-based training course is supplemented by simple theory, providing students with the skills required in workplace. After graduating from school, the relevant practical skills courses foster employability.

Extension School

Focus on career development or enrichment through evening on-campus classes and high school degree will be awarded. The Extension School offers an open and comprehensive academic curriculum, with courses and programs to meet the interests and needs of the public. Students can explore a subject in depth, gain advanced training for a career change, and earn specialized field credentials.